SWAG – Single Widowed Adult Group (60+)

Are you experiencing a loss (i.e. spouse, significant other, soul mate)?  Are you interested in forming new or rekindling old friendships?  Are you just tired of the same old routine and would like to form a new circle of friends and enjoy life? If so, you are invited to join a kindred group of friends.

Come and help us plan shared events of fun times, self-improvement, networking or whatever may be on your bucket list of things you don’t want to do alone.

For more information or to RSVP, please phone (619) 266-2066.

SWAG – A place where kindred minds meet
3rd Thursdays each month • 3:00 pm
George L. Stevens Senior Center
570 S. 65th Street (off Skyline Drive)
San Diego, CA 92114
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