Check out who we ran into at Jazz at Market Creek!

Fourth District Seniors Resource Center proudly represented at the September 2, 2023 “Jazz at Market Creek.” Pictured are: Mayor Todd Gloria, Rosemary Pope (center) and FDSRC Seasoned Ambassadors, Faith Green (left) and Chequita Falls (right).

Fourth District Senior Resource Center partners with the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program is administered by the County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency, Aging & Independence Services, and its purpose is to find meaningful volunteer opportunities for adults age 55+.  The RSVP program held its annual volunteer recognition lunch for South County volunteers on May 31, 2023, at Rohr Park. Many 4th District Senior Resource Center volunteers attended and brought their smiles and amazing energy with them.  Medals and Distinguished Service certificates were awarded to the top 10 volunteers in the South Region with the most lifetime volunteer service hours at the end of 2022.  Rosemary Pope was honored for 19,179 hours, Ida Ford was honored for 10,226 hours, and Beverly Henry was honored for 6,389 hours.  Herbert Argrow was honored with a Dedicated Service award for his 24+ years of volunteer service. As a special treat, Carmelia “Toot” Bell, shared her amazing talent and entertained us by singing a few songs.  She was truly one of the highlights of the day!

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Embracing and Enhancing Seasoned Minds

Since 2002, the Fourth District Seniors Resource Center (FDSRC) has worked to enhance and embrace the quality of life for our “seasoned ambassadors” by providing a wholesome and safe environment for them to thrive, while assisting them to live more independently and proactively. We provide quality services to our district’s lower-to-moderate-income seniors and their families through a variety of resources. FDSRC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, and political opinion or affiliation.

The new George L. Stevens Senior Center was formally opened in March, 2006. The building itself is LEED certified, which means it is environmentally-friendly and “green” in materials, and in all aspects of the facility’s maintenance. This allows us to sell our energy back to the gas and electric company, which becomes a source that helps us sustain ourselves. The facility features a multipurpose assembly hall, meeting space, classrooms, an exercise room, a boardroom and a commercial-sized kitchen.

FDSRC Seasoned Line Dancers

Watch the video! Come and join the fun!